Yikes. Don’t be these people.

23 Feb


So, there’s a cool dude on the internet called Mark Oshiro, who runs a site or two where he reads books and watches shows that people recommend for him, and he fanboys adorably and films himself doing so. Like so many others, he got started shredding the abomination that is Twilight, but he’s loved pretty much everything else he’s done. (Including Harry Potter, where I have to disagree with him on most things but he’s just so cute about it…)

He’s also covered Tamora Pierce (who shows up in the comments on his posts about her books to cackle at him every so often, because she’s awesome like that), and at one point was commissioned to vlog part of one of my (quite old) fanfics; it’s linked on my FFN profile, so some of you might recognise his name from there.

Anyway, recently he posted something on Facebook about his experience at a particular convention, and I think it’s well worth reading. If only to make sure none of you ever do anything like this.

Here’s the link:

I find it depressing that this sort of thing still happens, but there you are. Feel free to share his post around if you want.



[Edited this to add – apparently I forgot where I’d initally found the link, but I became aware of this via Pharyngula. This article by Rachel Caine he links to there is also well worth reading. ]


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4 responses to “Yikes. Don’t be these people.

  1. All-I-need

    February 23, 2016 at 6:56 pm

    Well this sucks. I discovered Mark Oshiro about a year ago and I hugely enjoy his Discworld readings. To hear about him and his partner being treated like this makes me sick. Also, who’s bright idea was it to hold a panel about “Erasure is not Equality” and only have one person of colour be present?!

    I hope this post will be shared widely and the general response will get back to the people he filed those reports with and that action will finally be taken.

  2. Loten

    February 24, 2016 at 8:10 am

    I suspect the only action that will be taken is the issuing of an insincere notapology and a promise that they totally take all reports of this sort of thing very seriously, no really, but at least word is getting around. And I’m glad that people attending the con stood up for the parts they witnessed, at least.

  3. DawnM

    February 24, 2016 at 11:45 pm

    Intellectually, I know the sexual harrassment and the awful panel are worse, but somehow I’m more horrified by how they were treated at the dinner. If that happened by accident then the way the accident was handled was appalling. If it wasn’t an accident then that’s even more appalling.

    • janach

      February 27, 2016 at 2:02 am

      I agree: the treatment at dinner and the lack of control at the panels was worse, because it was official. The rest was just obnoxious people being obnoxious, and those in charge of the convention can’t prevent that. They can throw the obnoxious folks out, but they can’t stop them from being obnoxious to begin with. But as soon as it was realized what had happened with the dinner and the hotel room, there should have been official convention people running around like maniacs fixing the situation.


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