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Good news, everyone.

It’s been a while since you’ve really seen me suffer, hasn’t it?

The BBC have the solution.

Part one of their adaptation of The Cuckoo’s Calling starts this Sunday. Apparently it follows the book very closely, which is a problem because when I first saw the trailer I thought it might be okay provided they toned down the racism/classism and changed the ending to remove the glaring plot hole. After all, just getting rid of the protagonists’ internal monologues will make it a hundred times better.

See this tag for my (rather amateurish) coverage of the original.

The next couple of weeks are going to be very busy for me – hence no Harry Potter post for a bit, again – so I don’t know when exactly I’ll get around to this

They’ve also already adapted The Silkwormwhich I ragequit – and Career of Evil, which I suppose means I should probably make myself read and review that at some point. They will also be doing the as-yet-unreleased fourth one, Lethal White, which apparently follows directly on from a dramatic cliffhanger at the end of Career of Evil that I almost certainly will not care about and that will almost certainly make no sense.

We’re going to have fun, right guys? Right? Right?

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Egotistical douchebags and the women they imagine will love them

Here’s a quick response to a stupid thing on the internet, because reasons I guess. If you have not already seen this train wreck of a website, that’s what it’s about (Here’s the original URL but he’s taken it down to put up a declaration of victory because apparently the internet laughing at you is a win? the Wayback Machine doesn’t forget). We learned of its existence from Captain Awkward on Twitter and while her response really does adequately describe the situation, this thing is too much fun to mock to be worth ignoring. (PZ Myers has a take too.)

The timing was good, as I’ve been having a lot of job-related anxiety and distress this week, so having something so perfectly stupid to snark about was quite welcome. (Long story short, a spontaneous opportunity presented itself which I found really exciting – that particular kind of excitement being a very rare thing for me – had some interviews which seem to have gone well, but the result of those interviews is that I seem to have convinced the firm in question that they need to take the project in a different direction and the role they were considering me for no longer exists. I may have talked myself out of the job.)

I’ve transcribed (and edited slightly for readability) some fun excerpts from our initial conversation after discovering this… person’s… website. Among other things, I cut out the bits where we compared him to Donald Trump and Christian Grey, because both of those should really go without saying. Enjoy.

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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: Chapter Five

We’ve slightly changed the way we go about creating these posts. You guys shouldn’t notice a difference but it’ll be easier for us behind the scenes. I’d like to say faster, but clearly we’re completely unreliable in that regard.

Let’s press on. No interesting picture this time, just a spoilery scribble of a car in a tree.

Chapter Five: The Whomping Willow

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