Recommended Reading on Game of Thrones

29 Apr

These are all well worth reading on the issue of rape, sexual assault, and objectification in Game of Thrones (spoiler warning for S04E04 “Oathkeeper”). Obviously, huge trigger warning here.

Lena Headey was finally interviewed about the rape scene in episode 3, and was frustratingly noncommittal about it, though she’s probably in a difficult position and may not feel comfortable speaking out against the scene.

This summary of episode four discusses quite a lot of issues with it, and very well (I concur that the scene with the Night’s Watch mutineers was absolutely disgusting, even compared to a lot of things we’ve already had in the show).

Melissa McEwan has written two posts in the wake of this episode and both are well worth reading (as well as the comments). The second post in particular makes an extremely important point, which had completely escaped me until she pointed it out: that the discussion of the Jaime/Cersei rape scene in episode three has almost completely centred on the consequences of making Jaime a rapist and almost completely ignored the effect it might have on Cersei. If you follow only one of these links, make it that one.

(h/t to various commenters at Shakesville for linking to the first two articles)

If you find other relevant pieces on the subject, please link them in the comments.

The more I think about all of this, the angrier I get, and the more apprehensive I become about watching the next episode of this show. This may well ruin the show for me; I’m going to keep watching, because for better or worse I’m a fan of the books and I can’t help myself, but I’m not sure how much I’m going to enjoy it any more.

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One response to “Recommended Reading on Game of Thrones

  1. Ani J. Sharmin

    May 3, 2014 at 11:11 pm

    Thanks for the links. I like McEwan’s analysis of it.


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