Oh FFS, Dumbledore is not a role model

09 Apr

What the fuck. Just look at this headline: “School Officials Bully Student into Deleting Recording of Bullying, Threaten Him with Felony Wiretapping”.

Who do they think they are, Albus Dumbledore? That was seriously the first thing to go through my head, this reminds me so much of Dumbledore threatening Snape with brain-erasure if he ever tells anyone about Sirius Black attempting to murder him.

Except this actually happened. Fuck. I’m seriously at a loss for words; this is even a clear-cut case of physical bullying (unlike a lot of verbal or cyberbullying which denialists are often able to spin as meaningless using that awful “sticks and stones” adage), and it’s being covered up for the sake of convenience.

I remember what it was like to be bullied in primary school, and to be threatened with penalties if I fought back (because somehow inevitably the only punches the authorities ever saw being thrown were mine when I tried to defend myself). That sense of hopelessness when you realise nobody is on your side because they only value appearances, and your speaking up is destroying the image they want to maintain… suffice it to say that it doesn’t feel good. And even knowing that, it’s difficult for me to imagine what this boy must be going through.

h/t to Melissa at Shakesville for the link

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